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Welcome to RTT Associates

RTT Associates, LLC is one of the largest private Forensic Psychotherapy Treatment Centers in the State of New Hampshire, with over 100 accumulative years of forensic experience. We provide forensic and specialized services to men, women, adolescents and children as well as developmentally disabled individuals.
RTT Associates, LLC is committed to a diverse, confidential, dynamic, cutting-edge approach to each of our services in counseling, training, substance abuse prevention and services, Trauma counseling, Psychosexual treatment and prevention, and comprehensive testing services. We will offer the highest quality of professional services.
The Agency’s staff are committed to supporting the development of safer families and communities for children.
We strive to achieve the goal of safety for all by working with individuals who have been, or have potential to be, harmful to others. Our primary commitment is to the victims of sexual and domestic crimes with the purpose being for offenders to create NO MORE VICTIMS, and to break the cycles of violence within their own family systems.
RTT Associates, LLC accepts most insurances, to include but not limited to Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and NH Medicaid.

""The ultimate measure of a man in not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

Mental Health Services

Mental Health services are provided to individuals who are experiencing many types of short term and long term mental health difficulties to include but not limited to: Depression, Anxiety, Job Loss, Relationship/Divorce conflicts, family violence, financial stress, coping with physical ailments, other significant mental health diagnoses.

Substance Abuse Services

Services are provided by Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors as well as Master Licensed Drug Abuse Counselor(s).

Trauma Specific Treatment Programs

RT Associates offers many programs specific for trauma victims. These programs include, Trauma Evaluations and Assessments, Trauma Recovery, Women’s Empowerment Group and the Adolescent Female Empowerment Group.

Domestic Violence/Batterer's Intervention Program

The Domestic Violence Batterer's Intervention Program is a 36 week program that provides intervention and counseling that focuses on alternatives to aggression, and strives to maximize abuse accountability, while not compromising victim and child safety.

Psychosexual & Specialized Testing

RTT Associates, LLC offers many specialized testing for individuals. These include, ABEL Screenings (AASI-3), Abel Assement for sexual interest, The Abel-Blasingame Assessment System for individuals with intellectual disabilities, The Diana Screen and Polygraph Examinations. Please click here to learn more about these tests.


The term “moral” refers to moral reasoning based on Kohilberg’s levels of cognition reasoning. The word “reconation” comes from the psychological terms “conative” and “conation” both of which refer to the process of making conscious decisions. MRT is a cognitive-behavioral treatment system that leads to enhanced moral reasoning, better decision making, and more appropriate behavior.

Polygraph Services

Northeastern Truth Consultants in collaboration with RTT Associates, LLC will now offer Polygraph examination services at all three RTT, LLC locations.

Juvenile Psychosexual Treatment Program

This program is geared towards Juveniles that have sexually acting out or sexually reactive behaviors, who have been assessed as low risk, a non-sexual predator with no prior history of sexual offending behavior.

Psychosexual Treatment Programs

RTT Associates, LLC is a comprehensive, community-based treatment program with a dual focus: the survivor of the assault and the prevention of future victimization. Treatment of the offender is critical to providing restitution to the survivor, the families affected, and the community.

Two Locations

Feel free to visit us at any of our three New Hampshire locations.

Southern New Hampshire

Manchester Office
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Telephone: (603) 668-6505
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Central New Hampshire

Concord Office
PO Box 3713
Concord, NH 03302-3713
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