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Chaperone Training Program


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            9am-1:30 pm



***Training Location***

Applicants are required to call one (1) week in advance for confirmation of attendance and training location

PHASE I – $200.00

PHASE II – $25.00 (each)




Sexual victimization is a horrendous crime against adults and children.  The Chaperone Training Program’s primary focus is to stop further victimization of child.

Friends, partners, family members, and human services agencies learn methods of intervention to support relapse prevention.  However, the sexual offender is ultimately responsible for his/her offense cycle.  S/he must remain connected and honest with the chaperone for support and any necessary confrontation to refocus cognitive distortions and interrupt the grooming process.


  • NO more victims
  • Increase supervision of children and offenders
  • Learn sexual Offender Cycle
  • Gain understanding of the impact that abuse has on victims, offenders, families & the community
  • Develop confrontation skills
  • Comprehend the grooming process
  • Identify & intervene with denial



Upon completion of the two (4.5 hour) classes, the Chaperone becomes certified to supervise the offender in the presence of minors (excluding victims of offenders unless otherwise arranged).

The Chaperone is required to conduct a structured personal interview with the offender prior to the second class.  This interview is emotionally intense & participants are urged to take care of themselves.


Chaperones are required to participate in eight (1.5 hours) follow-up sessions.  These are offered once per month.  The follow-up groups must be completed within 12 months unless otherwise arranged.  Chaperones are required to present the offender cycle & relapse prevention plan.


The Chaperone will be expected to produce the offender’s offense cycle in group.  S/he will also need to identify interventions that have been successful for that year.

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