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Juvenile Psychosexual Treatment Program

Participation is required for biological parents, foster family or guardians in the evaluation, assessment or intake sessions.

Family Sessions and/or treatment needs will be assessed and recommended by the therapist in consultation with the referral source and family.  Treatment will begin with a minimum of monthly sessions.  The assessment will identify the maximum need to be up to four (4) family sessions per week, either in the office, home or both.

Parents/Guardians are required to participate in the Safety and Supervision Program.  Phase I consists of two (2) sessions 4.5 hours each for (2) consecutive months.  Phase II is one session per month 1.5 hours for a period of eight (8) months, or greater if needed.

The juvenile will participate in a pre and post Abel Screening, to assess level of treatment needs entering the program, and to assess progress prior to completing the treatment program.




PHASE I:  One group per week, one individual session one to four times per month as needed, weekly home based services.  Duration of Phase II is up to six months. Eligible for mentor-ship program. This is a preventative program for juveniles who have completed an inpatient sex offender specific treatment program.

PHASE II (Step down):  Bi-weekly group sessions, one to two sessions individual session per month as needed, bi-weekly home based services.  Duration of Phase III is up to three (3) months.  Eligible for mentor-ship programThis is a community integrative program for juveniles who have completed sex offender programs who have progressed in treatment and require a less restrictive program.

PHASE III (Step-out):   Monthly group session, individual therapy as needed, one monthly home based service. Eligible for mentor-ship programThis is the final phase of aftercare treatment program to support the juvenile and family with utilizing community supports and resources, to prevent the risk of recidivism.



This program is geared towards Juveniles that have sexually acting out or sexually reactive behaviors, who have been assessed as low risk, a non-sexual predator with no prior history of sexual offending behavior.

Juveniles will learn about physical, emotional and psychological boundaries.  They will gain insight regarding making appropriate and safe decisions regarding relationships.  They will learn to identify thinking errors and appropriate interventions for the thinking errors.  Juveniles will develop an understanding as to the impact of their behaviors and how it has affected others.

Juveniles will also be assigned a Mentor to will reinforce, model and re-establish appropriate boundaries , support and model life skills and assist the juvenile with identifying and participating in appropriate social activities to assist in lower their risk level for ongoing behaviors in their adult life.

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