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Polygraph Services

Polygraph Services

Northeastern Truth Consultants in collaboration with RTT Associates, LLC  will now offer Polygraph examination services at all three RTT, LLC locations.

Northeastern Truth Consultants works diligently to provide the most comfortable, relaxed setting in order to assist in the process of polygraph and the detection of deception. Northeastern Truth Consultants’ examiners are certified for the administering of Polygraph Examinations, and are PCSOT Certified.  These certifications are supported by the APA.

Polygraph Examinations use physiological responses to psychological stimuli in order to determine whether a person is withholding information regarding a specific topic. Northeastern Truth Consultants offers testing in the area of Polygraph by using a Lafayette Computerized 5000 Polygraph system, and has added the Converus Eye Detect system to its testing options

Specific Issue Criminal Test: These tests are primarily an assistant to defense attorney’s and treatment providers to make sure their client is at least being honest with the facts of the case.

PCSOT Maintenance: These tests are provided to insure that those that have been convicted of a sex offense are abiding by their rules and regulations given within their treatment or probation/parole contracts.

Employment screening tests: For those organizations exempt by EPPA of 1988, Northeastern Truth Consultants can offer a screening test for future employees to offer piece of mind that they are getting the most honest and trustworthy candidates available.

Eye Detection Examinations:

The Eye Detect system is a less invasive system of using the eyes as a means of determining deception in an individual. In most cases this less intrusive test is just as accurate as some of the polygraph techniques.  Combining the Eye Detect System with the Polygraph for an entire testing process, can in some cases raise the accuracy of the outcome to 98% effective.

Tests are conducted at RTT Associates, LLC offices by and through Northeastern Truth Consultants.

Please contact Northeastern Truth Consultants for scheduling your next test.

-Nick Skiba; Lead Examiner-603-732-7217

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