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Psychosexual & Specialized Testing

 ABEL Screenings  (AASI-3)

Abel Screening, Inc. was established in 1995 by Gene G. Abel, M.D., to provide therapists and criminal justice professionals with tests to evaluate and treat individuals with sexual behavior problems.

The Abel Assessment for sexual interest-2 tm and the Abel-Blasingame Assessment System for individuals with intellectual disabilities tm (ABID) are objective tests to use with adults and adolescents who have a variety of sexual behavior problems


Abel Assessment for sexual interest-3

The first component is a comprehensive questionnaireof self-reported behaviors, accusations, arrests and convictions, questions designed to identify cognitive distortions, truthfulness, and the probability of denial.  Recently updated, the questionnaire now also includes Internet pornography use and a section for child sexual abuse survivors.

The second component of the test captures the client’s objective sexual interest while viewing 160 digital images of clothed adults, adolescents, and children.

A section for the therapist.


The Abel-Blasingame Assessment System for individuals with intellectual disabilities tm (ABID)

The Abel-Blasingame Assessment System for individuals with intellectual disabilities tm is specifically designed for use with adults and adolescents with FSIQ of 60 and above. The questionnaire, written on a 2nd grade reading level, is read aloud by the test administrator.  Simplified procedures and descriptors are used on the image portion of the test.  In addition to those with intellectual disabilities, this test can be used with clients who are illiterate.



The Diana Screen® (The Diana) is an objective test to identify adults who have a higher likelihood of having sexually abused children in the past. It is easy to administer and can be used by organizations to screen individuals seeking positions of trust with children.

The Diana Screen® is a two part computerized screen used to determine the risk of the test taker having sexually abused a child in the past.

While the Diana Screen® is a pass/fail test, it goes beyond a simple questionnaire to include objectively measured sexual interest in children. The technology that identifies sexual interest, which is a major part of the Diana Screen® formula, is empirically validated and has been used by therapists and criminal justice professionals more than 100,000 times.

Who should use it?

Any organization where there are professionals or volunteers who work with children. The Diana Screen® protects children from sexual abuse and helps protect the organization from sexual abuse litigation.


Polygraph Examinations

Trained, Experienced and Certified Examiner Testing

  • Post Convicted Sex Offenders
  • Criminal
  • Attorney
  • Theft
  • Banking
  • Divorce/Fidelity
  • Pre-Employment Screenings

*All examinations meticulously adhered to evidence based polygraph procedures and techniques that are current and supported by the American Polygraph Associaton. Our examinations are conducted in a professional setting and adhere to stringent confidentiality.

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