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Trauma Specific Treatment Programs

  • Trauma Evaluations and Assessments
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Women’s Empowerment Group 

    The women’s empowerment group is designed to assist women who have endured or is currently enduring domestic violence.  The goal is to motivate and empower woman, inspire self-awareness and personal growth, and assist with increasing self-esteem.

    • Incorporate mental and physical health and address the body as a whole.
    • Engage these women in an exercise routine.
    • Introduce foods that provide a healthier mind, mood and body.
    • Provide education on how to empower themselves
    • To provide a safe environment where women can connect with others, share experiences and stories, receive support, comfort, friendship and without judgment.

    The Goals of the Women’s Empowerment Group are to support them through treatment while helping them discover themselves, achieve a greater feeling of independence, acceptance, autonomy, self-worth, to discover advanced skills of survival and understanding healthy relationships.

  • Adolescent Female Empowerment Group 

    RTT Associates, LLC is offering an 8-week program open to adolescent females ages 13-21 whose lives have been negatively impacted by traumatic events.  This focus group will provide information in an educational structure to help participants begin to understand and recognize how they have been effected by trauma.  They will have the opportunity to meet and talk with peers who have experienced similar events.  Participants will also be able to identify aspects of their behaviors that are driven by trauma and will develop tools to help regulate emotional responses to difficult situations.  The focus group will meet for one hour, once per week.  Groups will be kept small (6 or less) so that participants have enough time to engage meaningfully with one another, ask questions, and acquire information necessary to start the healing process.


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